Spring Cleaning

Are you ready to clean out the junk and start fresh for spring?
Do you want to have more energy, think more clearly and feel rejuvenated?
Are you OK with losing a few pounds while you’re at it?

Spring is naturally the time of year that our bodies need a little spring cleaning. Mucus, toxins and fat build up and if they’re not cleared out, all that junk can lead to aches and pains, allergies, colds… and just feeling blah. With a little tidying up though, you can set yourself to breathe easier come allergy season and feel refreshed going into spring.

Spring cleaning includes:

  • One 1-hr session per week (min 2 weeks)
  • Email support between sessions
  • Handouts and resource materials
  • Comprehensive grocery list
  • Recipe packet
  • Coaching and support to help you stick to your cleanse
  • My personal commitment to your health and success

Want to spring clean with your friends? Even better! You’ll have a built in support system to keep each other going strong. I’ll help keep all of you on track. Contact me for details.

Individuals: $45/week (min 2 weeks)
Groups: $30/week per person (min 2 weeks)

Are you ready to get started? Send me an email at megan.p.adams@gmail.com.

Happy (almost) spring!


4 responses to “Spring Cleaning

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  2. clare

    I will call you about this after the ski trip over spring break. Lol

  3. moadams78@aol.com

    Yes, I am interested. Sounds great!

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