Health Coaching Programs

Health coaching is like having a personal trainer for all the areas of your life outside of the gym. As your health coach, I’m here to guide, teach, push, motivate and encourage you so you can achieve your health goals, feel your absolute best and realize your ultimate potential. 

I offer a variety of programs that can be customized to meet you exactly where you are in your own health journey. If you have questions about a program or how we can work together, please email me at We can discuss where you are, what you’re looking for and how we can create a program that best supports you.

The 28 Day Jumpstart: Get Revved Up!

If you want to get healthy but you’re not sure where to start…

If you’re frustrated and tired of dieting…

If you need some motivation…

Or just a swift kick in the pants…woman-running-on-beach

That’s what you’ll get here. In this 28 day jumpstart program, you’ll:

  • Get unstuck
  • Find your motivation
  • Banish bad habits
  • Discover new foods
  • Feel more energized
  • Tune into your body
  • and much, much more!

To schedule your free jumpstart session, email 

The Total Transformation: A New You Awaits…

If you wish you had more energy…

Or that you could say no to cookies after dinner…

Or that you knew how to cook so you didn’t have to eat cookies for dinner…

Then this program is for you. In this 90 day intensive, you’ll:
cookie monster transformation 300

  • Banish bad habits
  • Discover new foods
  • End cravings
  • Feel more energized
  • Tune into your body
  • Gain kitchen confidence
  • Create a lasting healthy routine
  • and much, much more!

To schedule your free total transformation strategy session, email,

No Pain, Everything to Gain: 90 Days to the Real You

If pain or discomfort keep you from doing what you enjoy…

If you’ve ever thought, “If only I felt better, I would…”

If you feel like you’ve just lost your umph…

Or like you’re moving against the current all the time…

If you’re ready to get back to feeling like yourself again…

You’re in the right place. In this 90 day intensive program, you’ll:

  • Get tuned into your body
  • Discover new foods
  • Identify pain triggers
  • Find more energy
  • Stress less
  • Relax more
  • and more and more…

To schedule your no pain, everything to gain strategy session, email

A-la-Carte Services

Grocery Store Tour

grocery cartLearn how to get the most out of your weekly trip to the store. I’ll show you how to save money shopping in the produce section and when organic is worth it, introduce you to foods you’ve never tried, teach you how to save with bulk foods, decipher ingredient lists, shop for high quality meat/fish/eggs, and choose the best products available. We’ll focus on what is most helpful and valuable to you so you can more easily, quickly and cost effectively get your shopping done. Contact me to schedule a tour.

Individual Cooking Classes

wooden spoonWe’ll work together one-on-one in your kitchen to learn basic techniques and healthy meals you can make again and again. Contact me for details.

Group Cooking Classes & Dinner Parties

colored-spoonsGather your friends for a cooking class and dinner party all in one. I’ll handle the food, you bring the wine. We’ll talk about ingredients, kitchen tools and techniques and what foods are good for what. I’ll show you how to make four delicious, beautiful and healthy dishes that you can make for yourself or for a crowd. You’ll also get copies of the recipes to take home. Contact me for details.

Pantry Makeover

panry-signJust like your prom dress doesn’t belong in your closet, there are certain things that don’t belong in your pantry. With a pantry makeover we’ll clear out the bad stuff to make room for the good. We’ll swap not so great choices for better ones and get your pantry organized and set up with everything you need to make your kitchen a healthy, fun place to cook. Contact me to schedule your pantry makeover.