Cilantrophobes Unite!

I don’t consider myself a cilantrophobe, but I found this article interesting. I guess some find the taste buggy or soapy. Turns out haters aren’t making this stuff up. Cilantro’s smell is produced by aldehydes. You know what else creates aldehydes? Bugs and soap. The cilantro-averse make that association in their taste and smell memory bank and the distaste is out of a kind of self preservation. So there ya go…



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3 responses to “Cilantrophobes Unite!

  1. Sara

    That’s hilarious – I seriously HATE cilantro. Even one tiny piece of it totally throws my whole meal off! 🙂

  2. Nan

    I read this article this weekend and sent it to Cat — she HATES cilantro! It’s super interesting though… Soap? Bugs? So strange.

  3. That is crazy and the most interesting fact I have read in a while. Good stuff Meg!

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