Attitude of Gratitude

I had the opportunity this weekend to hear couples therapist Harville Hendrix speak. Hendrix and his wife created the Imago Relationship Therapy and he’s written several books including “Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples,” he’s been on Oprah … you get the idea: he’s an expert. Appropriate timing for me to hear what he has to say, don’t you think.

Harville’s main message was simple, but a good one: Look at life as grace versus as a threat. And be grateful.

Life is what you make it and your attitude can completely change a situation, a relationship and your health. If we go out there thinking everything we come into contact with is out to get us, that negative attitude is toxic for us. “Negativity is as toxic as chemical fertilizer,” he says.

The secret is to shift our attitude from negative (jerk cut me off … he took the last bite … ugh, it’s raining … i can’t win) to one of gratitude (it could have been worse … i have someone to share with … we need the rain … there’s always next time).

It being Easter and all, this seems like an appropriate weekend to practice looking at life as grace. So let’s put negativity aside. I think I can do this at least until Monday. 😉



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5 responses to “Attitude of Gratitude

  1. Barb Wall

    Hi Sweet Meagan!! Oh so true–you know that is how Steve always tried to live!! I vowed to him on his death bed that I would try and be the same way–it is a struggle for me sometimes but I do try!! Life is so very short we must try and be happy and LOVE the people God puts in our lives–Bless you and Ross always tell each other that you love each other and never go to bed angry with each other–just my few words of wisdom!!Happy Easter!!!

    • Megan

      Thanks, Barb! That definitely was Steve…
      Thanks for commenting and for all your love and blessings. You’re the best! xoxo

  2. narr- love the words of wisdom meggs. miss you!

  3. Bill Colvin

    Meggs I got your BLOG from Claire. I really like what you have done, are doing, and know will do. Keep up the great advice, appreciate it.

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