A GOOD Burger

If you’re gonna eat a burger, it might as well be a darn good one. There’s no sense in wasting an opportunity to indulge on mediocre meat or a dry bun. I have the same philosophy on cupcakes. One should be superb.

The August issue of Texas Monthly features “The 50 Greatest Hamburgers in Texas.” Numero uno hails from Dallas. It’s at The Grape on Greenville and they only make it for Sunday brunch. I’ll be trying it the next time I need my fix.



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3 responses to “A GOOD Burger

  1. Bular

    Meggs- Love the Blog. I recently went to The Grape, and because the burger has been a popular demand, they now serve it on Monday nights as well!

  2. Clare

    Sandy and I went to the Koffee Kup in Hico on the way to Ray’s. They have the third best hamburger on the list. We split one and it was very good.

    Love the blog,

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